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Walks & Dog Park Runs

As a personalized pet care business, I am very proud to be able to offer clients a wide range of availability and services to ensure that your pets are getting exactly what they need. 

Half Hour Walks - $25.00 (+$5.00/extra dog)

45 Minute Walks - $35.00 (+$5/extra dog)

Hour Walks - $40.00 (+$5.00/extra dog) 


Leashed walks are kept to each individual household, and completed in your residential area. 

Weather Permitting.

Dog Park Runs - $50.00 

This services provides, pick up, drop off, and a 60 minute run at a dog park - weather permitting. 

Our most frequent park is Avalon Off Leash Park.

Included in our time spent with your dogs, we take multiple photos and send them straight to your phone. We can also offer exact route details and location to ease your mind while your pets are in our care. 

Reminder: All of these services are listed with their BASE prices.

GST and any extras that need to be added may result in extra charges. 

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