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Pet Sitting

We know from personal experience that leaving your beloved pet while your away can be scary and upsetting. That is why we offer as much as we can to ensure that both you and your pet are stress free, happy, and safe while in our care​.


Here are a few of our options:


Overnight stays in your home, so your pets can stay comfortable and consistent with their schedules and you can have peace of mind knowing your pet is still in the protected space that is their home. Overnight stay prices are based off of how long your pet is able to be alone for throughout the day.

Base Price for an Overnight Stay starts at $80.00 per night for 12 hours of care.

Please contact us for our further options for this service.

Daily drop ins, we would come to your house up to three times during the day for feeding, walks, play time, cuddles etc as some dogs may not need someone to stay overnight with them. Drop ins start at 7am and finish as late as 11pm - to ensure your pet is left alone for the least amount of time possible.


Base Price for daily drop ins start at $50.00 for two half hour visits. 

All services are listed with their base price. Any extras that need to be added will result in extra charges.

Have a few questions? 

Lets talk, contact us for more information and to book your FREE Meet & Greet today.

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