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Our Story



My name is Geo and I am the founder of Walking Your Paws.

I started Walking Your Paws when I was 9 years old.

I had longed for a canine companion my entire childhood, going as far as researching breeds, care and everything else involved in owning a dog - but it just wasn't the right time for our family.


One day I decided to go for a walk - and as I was walking past a neighbours yard, I caught side of their beautiful black Standard Poodle, Jess. I then had the great idea of asking his owners if I could take him for a walk, to which they happily agreed to. 

Jess and I had a blast, and it got me thinking... 

- "If I couldn't have a dog of my own, maybe I could just borrow others" -

So I went to another neighbour, and then another, and another. It wasn't long before I had multiple dogs I was able to walk whenever I wanted.

I was ecstatic. 

Walking Your Paws kept me busy on evenings after school, and on weekends. I didn't have a license back then so I biked all over the community to get to my clients.

I was always out walking dogs - the task helped me feel free, and responsible. I have carried that feeling with me since 2010, and I hope to continue to grow the business

and our clientele. 

We are a fully licensed, insured and bonded business serving Saskatoon and surrounding areas.

 I am so proud that Walking Your Paws has become my full time career and that my passion from such a young age has stayed so true and strong.


We have big plans for expansion in the near future, so stay tuned to see when our next venture will take off.

If you have any questions about our story, or our services - Id love to chat.


Email us at  - and lets get started on building

our new friendship. 

A few of our pups!


Dog Park Run


Drop in Visit

Expectation vs Reality ._._For those of you wondering... it takes quite a few tries to get

Pet Sitting

Our Team
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