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Pets are like humans.

Some enjoy walks and spending time outside. Some like to play games, and exercise their brain.

Others just need someone to talk to and sit with..

Well, we offer them all ... to your pets!

We personalize each visit to best suit your pet and their specific energy level and mental state .

All outside activities are weather permitting to ensure your pets are kept safe while in our care.


We understand that not all pets are willing or able to go on walks and would benefit from other forms of interaction and stimulation. 


Nervous about your puppy being alone for the first time?

We can pop by to check that things are going well. 


Have an older pet that needs a mid day lunch or medication?

We've got you covered.


Drop in visits start at $20.00 for 15 minutes (+$5.00/extra dog)

Cats and caged pets etc start at an extra $5.00


Contact me about your specific needs and lets book your FREE Meet & Greet today.

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