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Finding it hard to find the time in your day to pick up miscellaneous items for your pets?

Are you unable to dart around town to pick up dog food, pet medication, or even drive your pup to and from daycare?

Would having a licensed and insured pet taxi help you get things done?

Well look no further - Walking Your Paws offers a safe a reliable taxi service to assist you in any way you need. 

With a perfect driving record and 8 years experience, we can guarantee your pet will be in the best care possible while transported in our vehicle. 

The Jeep is outfitted with pets in mind, with a safe area in the back for dogs to stand, sit and lay down to stay comfortable. Seatbelts and tie ups stationed throughout the vehicle to ensure your pets stay in the designated spots, water bowls on board to keep them hydrated on hot days as well as A/C and heat to keep your pets at the right temperature all year round.

Taxi Service starts at $10.00 per ride in city limits
and $15.00 per ride for out of town excursions.

Reminder: All rates are base prices and are subject to change depending on each individual client.  

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